What is Body Mind Laughter and Mindfulness Therapy?

It is an interactive wellbeing programme that embraces laughter, play, coordination and deep rhythmic breathing exercises along with the principles of mindfulness. The playful exercises are offered as a tool to enjoy the magic of engaging with our inner child and take the changes and challenges of life as an opportunity to explore our potentials.

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Who is Body Mind Laughter and Mindfulness Therapy for?

At Body Mind Laughter our aim is to promote health and wellbeing in a fun and exciting way. The programme is suitable for many people including those with compromised mobility. We work with businesses, healthcare providers, education providers, community support groups and charities. We also provide one to one and private group sessions - ideal for those seeking more laughter and joy in their life but are unable to participate in group sessions.

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Why Body Mind Laughter

Our sessions are designed to help laughter to bubble up from within us, to lift our body, mind and soul whilst enhancing our sense of wellbeing.

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Everybody knows laughter is the best and fun filled medicine - and the good news is that global studies also shows the great affects of laughter and mindfulness on our body, mind and spirit.

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We hope you find the information about Body Mind Laughter and Mindfulness Therapy useful and if you are inspired to participate and reap the benefits we look forward to hearing from you.