Case Studies & Testimonials

 Laughter Therapy participant:

“We just couldn’t stop giggling afterwards and grinning at everyone.  Such an amazing experience just feel so light it’s difficult to explain.” 

“Good variety of practical tips”

“I needed that antidote to the stress + the reminder that we can choose or strive to view our stresses more positively (- I TRY to apply that!)”

“Very interesting and absorbing”

“Considering I was angry before I got here this improved my mood drastically” 

“It will help me concentrate and give me ability to deal with stress at work”

“I liked the fact that the atmosphere was created that allowed me to laugh randomly without feeling embarrassed”

“the session was practical and every activity was explained plus I have got to know my class mates -  it will impact my working relationship in a good way”

“Mental health will be positive”

“Hopefully I can use some exercises, in particular concentrating on breathing, to help when I feel stress building”

"I had forgotten how to smile these days but am feeling a lot better and able to let go after the session. I had also forgotten what it felt like to laugh like I did when I was a little girl playing on the beach and just being able to laugh freely."

"I can breathe from both sides of my nose now, it was difficult at first but cleared the longer we practised this exercise; my head felt a lot clearer afterwards. I really enjoyed this session and I hope you will teach a regular class because I would love to come." 


Other Testimonials...

Good fun and interesting

Enjoyable once I let myself go

Didn’t know what to expect but enjoyed it

Relaxing and good fun

Lying down and laughing with eyes closed was good and contagious.