Promoting wellbeing in Education Sector with Body Mind Laughter and Mindfulness Therapy

Our playful laughter based fun and games sessions combined with rhythmic breathing techniques are enriched with ideas and values to empower and enthuse participants.  Here learning is encouraged at unconscious level to motivate participants to apply the techniques within their academic environment and beyond.

Our interactive sessions are also designed to highlight that having a sense of safety and confidence at core level plus feeling good about ourselves should always be the priority for anyone and especially for the students; it helps build upon their core inner strengths and in their preparations to embrace changes and new challenges of everyday life.

Maintaining health and wellbeing is equally important for the people providing the service within the education sector since it can have a direct impact on their work and subsequently on their students' performace too.

Body Mind Laughter with its interwoven concept of mindfulness sessions for the staff training days is a great way to help encapsulate the day with a positive outcome filled with health benefiting fun for the staff along with tips on how the session(s) can be implemented for their own students too. 

Play helps us enhance our emotional and social intelligence while helping us to cope and to find a creative solution in our daily work/home life; a key factor in our long-term life and career success.

Our workshops are formulated to help enhance a variety of skills and abilities such as presenteeism (being in the present), performance, focus, creativity, communication and team building skills whilst motivating and enhancing our problem solving ability.  It further help enhance our immune system, reduce stress, build resilience, help de-escalate negative emotional energy, lift mood, boost morale and self confidence.   

To discuss details of your requirements and issues you wish to address within your school to help bring forth a positive change please contact us Mob: 07736158352 or email: or leave a message on our contact form and we will get back to you.