Help empower individuals with Body Mind Laughter and Mindfulness Therapy

For Charities, Support Groups or Private Groups we can provide bespoke laughter events to help empower and bring about positive change to unite people.

Laughter is best when shared with others and it has the power to bring people and the community together; as they say "people who laugh together bond together".  It is an opportunity to have fun with existing friends and to meet and make some new friends too.  By bringing laughter into our lives it can make us feel better on so many levels; and when we feel good everything around us feels good too.

Laughter and Mindfulness Therapy may be the best TLC in any community.  It is totally natural, and needs no special clothing or equipment.  All that is required is an open mind with a willingness to embrace fun and laughter by letting go of inhibitions and sharing the experience with others in the group.  You may start off pretending to laugh as an exercise but may soon find yourself laughing for real within the surroundings of contagious laughter!   Mind you, even when pretending to laugh, we still benefit because apparently our body cannot differentiate between real and fake laughter (even if our mind can).  Besides it (laughter) usually finds a way of bubbling up from within and turning into contagious belly laugh.  So go on and have a laugh!

While certain community members may be gathering a few aches and pains as they mature, Laughter and Mindfulness Therapy may well become a fun way of shaking off some of those aches and pains for them.  And in doing so it may also help with stress and anxiety whilst improving blood circulation, strengthening the immune system and to feel energetic and rejuvenated.

Our sessions are suitable for a wide spectrum of organisations.  We can cater our sessions according to the needs of your group(s), just be prepared for contagious laughter!

To discuss how we can organise and provide Laughter Therapy Sessions within your group, please contact us Mob: 07736158352 or email: or leave a message on our contact form and we will get back to you.