Body Mind Laughter and Mindfulness Therapy in Healthcare Sector

Healthcare professionals have a brilliant job to perform and have great responsibilities too.  In order to meet the holistic needs of patients, they are also required to understand their professional responsibility of adopting a healthy lifestyle and maintaining their personal fitness and wellbeing.  That in itself, at times can be difficult as their role is about all embracing and can carry heavy emotional toll, making it stressful and requiring emotional intelligence and resilience.  Therefore in danger of jeopardising their own health and wellbeing.  It is therefore crucial that the wellbeing of health professionals caring for others is considered as an essential investment.  

Body Mind Laughter is in essence a therapy that promotes wellness and wellbeing and can be seen as an adjunct to the numerous modes of non – invasive, complementary and alternative medicine ( CAM ) therapies that are widely available.  It is suitable for many people including those with compromised mobility.  Our workshops are recognised in many organisations including a local Trust as part of their occupational health initiative and offered to nursing staff/students with favourable feedback from those who have participated.

The programme cultivates sharing and caring attitude, building on resilience, boost endorphins, enhance mood, cope with stress, anxiety and chronic pain.  As a tool, it aims to engage our mind and challenge our ability to think and view things/situation(s) from a different perspective.  The fun exercises are designed to help nurture and cherish the magic of our playful and growing mind, stretch our mental muscle and shake up our auto-pilot mode.  While mindfulness helps bring calm within ourself, encouraging clear thinking, open heartedness and curiosity.  It helps sharpen awareness of thoughts, emotions, breathing, bodily sensations and our surroundings as well as to bring our attention to the very now moments  - beneficial also in communication and interpersonal skills including facilitate reflection and improve morale and therefore their productivity.  

When people are faced with coping/fighting any serious illness it is not a laughing matter and it can be tough in trying to deal with it day to day.  For others it may be that they are in need of more positive human contact and are craving to laugh in the company of other people and to express their emotions.  Laughter can also be cathartic in releasing pent up emotions. Recognising the healing properties of laughter, Dr Hunter (Patch) Adams, founder and director of the Gesundheit Institute, believes humour and play are essential to physical and emotional health and introduced care clowns in hospitals. This along with findings from numerous research linked with its benefits further supports the reasons for injecting more laughter into the daily lives of those within the healthcare environment.

Persistent and chronic pain can be difficult for the individuals, not only for the severity of its cause but also for its coping method.  According to the study led by Professor Robin Dunbar from Oxford University, laughter has a capacity to boost endorphins to help manage our pain better.  

Nobel Prize winner (twice in the field of medicine) Dr Otto Warburg showed the strong connection of oxygen in the cells to health. He said “we fall sick due to lack of oxygen in our body cells. The lack of oxygen is due to poor breathing habits caused by stress and negative mindset. This causes us to breathe shallow, irregular breaths and hold our breath when under stress”

Dr Kataria, founder of Laughter Yoga, wanted to find a fun, easy and healthy way of making the world a better place for all.  He set about exploring a way to prescribe laughter to his patients and everyone who needed it - though it cannot replace conventional treatment and therapies it may help on the road to recovery.

Numerous physical and psychological benefits of laughter therapy and mindfulness have been recognised in various areas of healthcare including: cancer patients, pain management, patients awaiting organ transplants, haemodialysis patients, stroke rehabilitation settings, Parkinsons disease and care givers along with improvement in stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia. 

NB: It should be noted here that Laughter Yoga is a method of coping and not a cure.


Our sessions are versatile and can be adapted to the needs of the individuals involved.  

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