Learning to Laugh


Laughter, as a universally bonding language, is the prompter that allow us to restore our inner child’s playfulness so that we can freely flourish and nourish from deep within.  The bonus here could be, that in the process it also spreads its positive and contagious vibes, affecting others in its vicinity.  It’s a tool that helps change our outlook (even through adversity), while putting our problem(s) in perspective and helping us also to enjoy and appreciate the experience of learning from life’s each and every momentary events.  It is also the spark that can infuse our excitement in welcoming the next moment - Laughter Yoga is meant to help enhance that purpose. 

Our body and mind can be trained to laugh at will.  It’s like learning to ride a bicycle which uses muscle memory; once you learn it, you never forget. This is called conditioning and it means repeating a behaviour or action many times over to teach the mind to generate predictable responses. These responses are carried out by the body which learns to produce knee-jerk responses to these repeated actions and behaviours without involving the rational brain or conscious thinking.

Similarly, the human brain can also be conditioned to be joyful.  Throughout our lives, we are conditioned in both positive and negative ways. Laughter Therapy hopes to produce happy chemistry in the body, triggered with fun laughter exercises to experience the emotion of joy.  And since laughter is contagious there is fun to be had as a group exercise and build a sense of "community" too.


To discuss how Laughter Therapy can be implemented within your workplace as a wellbeing program please contact us on Mob: 07736158352 or email: info@bodymindlaughter.co.uk or leave a message on our contact form and we will get back to you.