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Professor Robin Dunbar - Oxford University – 14 Sept 2011 - Research 

( reveals laughter really is the best medicine (2011) - Sophie Scott from University College London (UCL) says laughter is a universally recognised social emotion, and it is physically contagious.       

Learning and Laughter – Sophie Scott

http://www.thechildrensmediaconference.co  - (2014) - LLU researcher finds that anticipating happy times may have health benefits. Lee Berk, DrPH at Loma Linda University professor - Laughter may be the best medicine for age-related memory loss (2014) 

Dr Lee Burk, co-author of the recent study conducted in Loma Linda University, California, suggested that the less stress a person has, the better their memory performance, and humour may be the key to reducing stress levels. 

National Geographic : Is Laughter the Best Medicine?

Link to Professor Robin Dunbar’s paper

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