What is Body Mind Laughter and Mindfulness Therapy?


Body Mind Laughter is an empowering laughter based fun and interactive well-being program that promotes the principles of mindfulness while reviving our sense of wellbeing. The sessions are designed to help us playfully elevate our mood and open our mind to embrace new ideas and challenges as we celebrate the process of exploring our core inner strengths and creative potentials. As a tool it uses interactive laughter based exercises, co-ordination fun, light stretching and rhythmic breathing techniques.

Young happy couple meditating together, outdoors



The unique exercise routine is combined of playful and fun filled laughter exercises with rhythmic breathing and concentration techniques to link with our body mind wisdom and to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing.  


Body Mind Laughter and Mindfulness Therapy aims to help:

  • Cultivate our ability to proactively tune our awareness inwards to be in the PRESENT MOMENT
  • nurture our personal growth and compassionate human side
  • Boost endorphins, elevate mood, relieve pain and combat stress 
  • Build resilience by sanitising the system of negative emotions and recharging the mechanism with a positive outlook to life.
  • Increase creativity, focus and concentration to improve productivity
  • Engage our brain and attention in an interesting, fun, challenging, meaningful and novel way 
  • Improve our control and awareness of breathing
  • Strengthen our immune system and promote the production of infection-fighting antibodies
  • Improve blood circulation as a form of cardiovascular exercise
  • Boost confidence and break social barriers by tackling inhibition
  • Bridge and bond relationships with laughter as a social connector
  • Flourish team building and a sense of togetherness
  • By letting the laughter to bubble up from within, enjoy being in the present moment and reflect on how our thoughts and perception in general can impact our wellbeing


All that is required from you is your natural ability to laugh and breathe at your own pace with comfortable light clothing that is not restrictive around the belly area.

The sessions can be thought of as an aerobics class of laughter exercise with light stretching, rhythmic breathing, fun and games and relaxation techniques. These exercises are crafted to get people smiling, giggling or even faking a laugh; and that is perfectly OK because it can soon turn into real and contagious laughter which make us feel great!    

Science has proved that even if we laugh for the sake of laughing our body does not care; it still may help signal our brain to release endorphins to benefit our health!  Laughter Therapy allows us to achieve hearty laughter in a fun way without relying on jokes and humour; it bypasses the intellectual system that can act as a break on natural laughter. 

These sessions are designed to encourage and enjoy play again.  Playing helps connect us in the present moment, spark our imagination and help us to take a step back to review our world, our relationships and our lifestyle in a relaxed manner and to bring more joy in our life.

The whole concept of Laughter Yoga was created by Dr. Kataria, an Indian physician who wanted to find a way to prescribe laughter to everyone who needed it.  In 1995, he started his laughter club in a Mumbai Park with just five people and today it is a global phenomenon.

It should also be noted that Laughter Yoga is like any other aerobic exercise and all conditions apply as that of aerobic activity.


To discuss how Laughter Therapy can be implemented within your workplace as wellbeing program please contact us on Mob: 07736158352 or email: info@bodymindlaughter.co.uk or leave a message on our contact form and we will get back to you.