What is Body Mind Laughter and Mindfulness Therapy?


Body Mind Laughter is an interactive health and wellbeing programme, offering enjoyable dose of playful laughter exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques and mindfulness to help cultivate our body-mind relationship and to positively influence our health and our sense of wellbeing. Regarded as a complementary and alternative therapy, it could be beneficial to empower people facing adverse conditions ranging from stressful situations at work to chronic health conditions. This programme aims to promote well-being, reduces stress, anxiety and tension, help elevate mood, self esteem, energy and vigour, enhance memory, creative thinking and problem solving and improve relationships and quality of life.

Young happy couple meditating together, outdoors





The programme proposes we re-kindle our fun and playful attitude to life and embrace changes and challenges in hand as an opportunity to explore our potentials; whilst also exercising the part of our social engagement system, that operates at our unconscious levels which pick up cues and signals that help us when socialising and bonding and help us calm when need be.

The interactive exercises are designed to help nurture our inner child, reminding us how each sound of laughter could be announcing experience of fun to our brain - engaging our mind, sparking our imagination and challenging our ability to think and view things/situations from a different perspective.  Science also promotes the idea of how our thoughts and the state of our mind can have powerful influence on our health and wellbeing.


The aim of the programme is to help stretch our mental muscle, shake up our auto-pilot mode and pay attention to and appreciate our very now moments; nudging us also to recognise that it’s ok to make mistake(s) when we’re curiously learning - our learning/taking in new information may depend on our state of mind at the time.  Participants are encouraged to let the laughter bubble up from within and help boost endorphins, elevate mood, enhance confidence, combat stress, tackle inhibition and build on resilience.  The idea is to recharge our mechanism for positive outlook to life while creatively enjoying participating within teams and the world around us generating a sense of togetherness, compassion and open-heartedness while facilitating curiosity and promoting communication to help bridge and bond relationships.   

All that is required from you is your natural ability to laugh and breathe at your own pace with comfortable light clothing that is not restrictive around the belly area.  The concept of Laughter Yoga was created by Dr. Kataria, an Indian physician who wanted to prescribe laughter and play to everyone who needed it. It should also be noted here that Laughter Yoga is like any other aerobic exercise and all conditions apply as that of aerobic activity.


To discuss how Laughter Therapy can be implemented within your workplace as a wellbeing programme, please contact us on Mob: 07736158352 or email: info@bodymindlaughter.co.uk or leave a message on our contact form and we will get back to you.