Body Mind Laughter for the Workplace

This interactive health and wellbeing program lends itself as a tool to promote corporate wellness in workplace

At Body Mind Laughter, we aim to promote corporate wellbeing and health through fun filled interactive sessions that are interwoven with the concept of mindfulness to help create a happy and healthy work life balance.  It aims to empower participants to reconnect with their playful inner-self and rekindle their play and laughter.  While the innovative mental workout exercises are designed to help us engage with our brain and attention in a fun yet challenging and meaningful way.  

The program can be seen as a tool to highlight the fact that mistakes are important part of our learning curve; by embracing new ideas and challenges we can even start enjoying the process of exploring our inner strengths and creative potentials as well as re-charging our mechanism for a positive outlook to life.   

Our interactive Body Mind Laughter sessions aims to:

▪  Connect us in the present moment, nurture self discipline and improve control and core awareness of our breathing to build on our inner strengths and potentials whilst improving and sparking our focus, efficiency, concentration, creativity and problem solving abilities.

▪  Help tackle inhibition, elevate mood, combat stress and boost self confidence whilst enhancing communication, breaking social barriers, bridging and bonding relationships, flourishing team building and creating stronger ties with a sense of togetherness.

▪  Aid in strengthening our health and wellbeing to promote a healthier workforce with improvement in productivity and reduction in absenteeism.


These sessions with built-in rhythmic deep breathing techniques are like a rapid recharging system; a powerful ice breaker and great team builder.  As rollover energisers, they are the ultimate solution for long training days/seminars/conferences to stimulate and enliven enthusiastic participants and to help improve their attention span, efficiency and performance with periodic sessions through the day.  

To discuss how we can work with you and tailor individual workshops to deliver your specific organisational needs please contact us Mob: 07736158352 or email: or leave a message on our contact form and we will get back to you.