Body Mind Laughter for the Workplace

Body Mind Laughter Therapy promotes Corporate wellness in workplace and its reflection on the external world

At Body Mind Laughter, our social mission is to promote corporate wellbeing and health through Laughter and Mindfulness Therapy, making participants happier and healthier in their life, both at work and at home.  

Our interactive Laughter and Mindfulness Therapy in the workplace is used for nurturing communication in team building, peak performance training, stress management, overcoming inhibitions, building resilience, help individuals with motivation, enrich creativity and help energise participants during long staff training days.  By encouraging participants to be playful it asks them to be open minded and embrace changes and challenges in life.  The grounding and the rhythmic breathing exercise, in the meanwhile, help facilitate increased core awareness, concentration and to focus inwards to help with greater overall self awareness by being in the present moment.  By enhancing employee's overall wellbeing it also assists in providing a happier sense of "community" in the workplace (and beyond) and also a unique way of maintaining a happier and healthier working age population today for a healthier and economical tomorrow.     

Our Body Mind Laughter Therapy exercises with deep breathing techniques are like a rapid recharging system; a powerful ice breaker and great team builder to help: 

  • Reduce hostility and bridge cultural participation with an overall boost in morale.
  • Create stronger ties, diffuse conflicts and build a happier and more energetic workforce charged with endorphins.
  • Reduce stress and pain while empowering individuals with a positive outlook to life.
  • Improve focus, efficiency, concentration, creativity and problem solving abilities.
  • Communicate effectively, break social barriers, tackle inhibition and boost self confidence.
  • Improve control and awareness of breathing to build on their inner strengths and potentials.
  • Strengthen immune system to promote a healthier workforce and reduce absenteeism.
  • Increase creativity and productivity to improve profitability.

Team Building sessions to promote playful and innovative thinking

  • Everyone gets involved in our fun filled Team Building sessions; they are excellent ice breakers intended to revitalize participants with energy, motivation and creativity and to appreciate the value of working in a team.

Performance Booster and Stress busters to "Dance" with Stress

  • These sessions are designed to help individuals enhance concentration and achieve improved performance levels with activities to help lower stress, elevate mood and energy levels with a positive emotional state of mind to fuel creativity and imagination with enhanced problem solving abilities.

Rollover Energisers

  • These Rollover Energisers are the ultimate solution for long training days/seminars/conferences to stimulate and enliven enthusiastic participants and to help improve their attention span, efficiency and performance with periodic  sessions through the day. 

Laughing together is a powerful bonding mechanism and a great networking tool to make a happier environment for individuals to be more open to accepting change and the implementation of new ideas within any organisation.

With a focus on what is important to our customers we aim to help laughter and mindfulness therapy make a welcome difference in your organisation.

To discuss how we can work with you and tailor individual workshops to deliver your specific organisational needs please contact us Mob: 07736158352 or email: or leave a message on our contact form and we will get back to you.